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Raw Vegan Chili

Raw Vegan Chili
Difficulty 5 minutes Serves 2 generously
 A hearty raw chili with plenty of spice! Enjoy it when you want something ace in the flavor department that will leave you feeling full and satisfied but never weighed down. This recipe doesn't involve any chopping, the food processor will do all the work for you. Selene of Veganlicious says, " Enjoy your day in the raw!! Told you it'd be easy!!" ; ) With fabulous recipes like this, it IS easy to be raw!


1 zucchini
2 beefsteak tomatoes (or the equivalent in other types of tomatoes)
1/3 red onion (or 1 small yellow onion)
3 cloves garlic, derooted
1 jalapeno pepper, deseeded
1 medium carrot
3-4 portabello mushroom caps
1/4c coriander
1 red pepper
cumin, to taste
tumeric, to taste


1) Using the S-blade of your food processor, chop one veggie at a time, achieving the desired texture with each before moving on to the next (meaning: don't just go for over processed mush for all of them, strive for a little variety!).

2) Once you're done with one veggie, empty the contents of the food processor into the big bowl, and move on to the next veggie!

3) stir in the spices at the end, once all the veggies are in the big bowl.

For a protein punch, add some curried lentil sprouts (mix lentil sprouts with olive oil, cumin, tumeric and cayenne until well coated) or walnuts ground with a bit of cumin.