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Sacred Source Nutrition's Basic Almond Milk

Posted in Desserts on 2012-12-06
Sacred Source Nutrition's Basic Almond Milk
Difficulty 5 minutes Serves 2.5-3 cups
A basic almond milk recipe by Laura Dawn of Sacred Source Nutrition. The picture of freshly harvest berries drenched in almond milk caught our eye and caused some rumbling in the tummy, and we wanted to share the love! Below you will find the recipe for milk using soaked almonds and pure water, and some great suggestions by Laura Dawn of variations on her base milk recipe. There is nothing better than freshly made almond milk, creamy, frothy, and straight from the blender!


1 cup soaked almonds

2.5-3 cups of filtered water (The amount of water will determine how watery your milk will turn out. For me, it ultimately depends on what I


1) Blend at high-speed until the nuts or seeds are pulverized. The vita-mix blender does a great job at this.
2) Strain the pulp and milk through a nut milk bag, into a container, or a bowl or a jar, whatever is easiest for you.

3) Add a pinch of good quality salt. This will help the nut milk keep for longer in the fridge

Voila! The basic nut milk recipe!