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Side Dishes, Spreads, Dips, Cultured Foods and Appetizers

Looking for a spread for your raw wrap? Or something to pair with a green salad to add a little more substance and flavor? Browse through our curation of dips, spreads, cultured foods and sides, and you're sure to find some favorites.
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  • Beet & Avocado Soup with Cashew Cream

    Beet & Avocado Soup with Cashew Cream

    Published: 6/20/2013 12:05 PM
    A densely pigmented soup made with a base of fresh beet root and avocado, seasoned with a hint of tamari, miso, fresh ginger, garlic and a dash of salt and pepper. Use hot water if you want something to warm the belly, or cold if you want a chilled soup. Top with cashew cream and a spinkling of pepitas!
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