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Side Dishes, Spreads, Dips, Cultured Foods and Appetizers

Looking for a spread for your raw wrap? Or something to pair with a green salad to add a little more substance and flavor? Browse through our curation of dips, spreads, cultured foods and sides, and you're sure to find some favorites.
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  • Spicy Mango and Lime Chunky Salsa

    Spicy Mango and Lime Chunky Salsa

    Published: 7/23/2018 5:14 PM

    Want to spice up your Monday? Whip up this healthy salsa by Karielyn Tillman of The Healthy Family and Home featuring juicy mango, fresh tomato, cilantro, red onion, jalapeno and a delicious lime dressing. Serve with your favorite organic corn chips or flax crackers, or turn it into a meal by loading up lettuce boats with salsa, avocado, and maybe some cashew sour cream. Enjoy!

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  • Spicy Strawberry Gazpacho

    Spicy Strawberry Gazpacho

    Published: 8/9/2013 12:31 PM
    A bright and perfectly summer appropriate chilled gazpacho soup from Golubka! Made with fresh strawberries, heirloom tomatoes, red bell pepper and spicy chili!
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  • Spicy Broccoli Cheese Soup

    Spicy Broccoli Cheese Soup

    Published: 8/2/2013 1:21 PM
    A creamy cheese-flavored veggie soup by Amie Sue of Nouveau Raw made with fresh broccoli, hemp seeds, almond milk, cashew nuts, red bell pepper, chili spice, and plenty of vitamin B-rich nutritional yeast. Super flavorful and satisfying!! Lightly blanching your broccoli florets softens them up while still maintaining all of that gorgeous nutrition.
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  • Simple Raw Carrot Soup with Sunflower Sprout Garnish

    Simple Raw Carrot Soup with Sunflower Sprout Garnish

    Published: 1/4/2013 8:39 AM
    This creamy, sweet carrot soup shared by Marlie Centawer of Barefoot and Frolicking is based on a recipe found in Douglas McNish's book Eat Raw, Eat Well. Serve the delicious marinated mushrooms as a side dish or use as a topping on a green salad. This soup is best when served with a generous helping of fresh, nutrient, water, and enzyme rich sunflower greens!
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  • Sweet Watermelon Gazpacho

    Sweet Watermelon Gazpacho

    Published: 8/29/2012 11:02 AM
    A cold and refreshing soup that is both sweet AND savory - the best of both worlds! Gobble up as much watermelon as possible before the season is done for the year!
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  • Savory Green Smoothie by Natalia

    Savory Green Smoothie by Natalia

    Published: 2/23/2011 10:35 AM
    On a morning when you're craving something less sweet and perhaps a little salty, it's time to try a savory green smoothie. This blends non-sweet fruit with green veggies and a bit of salt. The avocado here is quite filling, so this is a great recipe for those who need a bit of healthy fat to feel satisfied. Blend this up and replace your coffee with a mug full of green smoothie for morning energy you can count on. This also makes a nice, cool summer soup.
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  • Sweet Pepper Soup, Basil Manti and Hazelnut Yogurt by Matthew Kenney

    Sweet Pepper Soup, Basil Manti and Hazelnut Yogurt by Matthew Kenney

    Published: 11/9/2010 4:45 AM
    A extremely flavorful, although slightly complex recipe. You will not regret making this after trying it.
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