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Healthy Back to School Snack and Lunch Ideas

Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas

Back to school season can be an overwhelming and busy time. We think it’s safe to say most parents and caretakers would agree - it really feels like a juggling act and may take a minute (ok, maybe a few weeks… ) to get into a rhythm.

And then there’s the school lunches and after-school snacks. What to pack for your child so they’re sustained and nourished for 6-8 hours while they’re away? It can be a tough job to find both nutritious options that your child will enjoy.

We’ve come up with a list of some options that are relatively easy to put together (i.e. don’t require a ton of meal prepping) and are kiddo tested and approved. We’ve broken it down into a few key categories: entrees, fruits and veggies, sides & snacks, and treats.

But the packed lunch is just part of the equation - what about when your child comes home ravenous? Keep it simple and try making an easy charcuterie board with some of the below suggestions - it doesn't have to be fancy, you can simply throw crackers or pretzels, cheese (or vegan cheese), fruit slices, veggies sticks, and raw nuts (or a protein of choice) on a cutting board or large plate and let them go to town.

We hope some of these ideas help you and your child have a nourished and energized school year!

Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas

Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas


Nut or seed butter and jelly sandwich - does your child’s school have a ban on peanuts? Just use a Dastony butter of choice - cashew, almond, or sprouted sunflower make great alternatives.

Tortilla filled with avocado, sprouts, and cucumber wrap. Add cream cheese or hummus if desired.

Leftover pasta salad - easy to eat and not messy

Fruits and Veg

Celery and Sprouted Sunflower Butter with raisins

Veggie slices - carrots, cucumbers, cherry toms (slice in half for young children at risk of choking) with a side of raw tahini or hummus as dip

Fresh fruit - berries, kiwi, grapes (again, can be sliced in half to minimize choking hazard), clementine orange wedges, a small banana - pick a few to rotate during the week

Sides and Snacks

Healthy crackers - we love Simple Mills, Mary’s Gone Crackers, and Hu Kitchen

Healthy Chips - we love Siete - they're grain-free and made with avocado oil instead of canola

Organic yogurt - choose plant-based if dairy-free

Sunbiotics almonds (a protein-rich snack loaded with probiotics!)

Seaweed snacks

Healthy granola energy bars or homemade bliss balls - we love Purely Elizabeth or GoMacro for bars

Raw sprouted nuts and seeds

Edamame with a dash of soy sauce

Garbonzo beans


Pretzels and Rawmio raw chocolate chunks

Dates with Dastony nut or seed butter filling

Sunbiotics probiotic chocolate

Clean cookies - a few great options: Emmy’s, Siete, or Hu Kitchen

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Healthy Back to School Snack and Lunch Ideas