Free shipping for orders over $49.95!

Free shipping for orders over $49.95!

Our Story

Unlike most chocolate that's full of refined sugar and devoid of nutrients, Rawmio treats are the ultimate fusion of antioxidant-rich superfood nutrition and dark chocolate decadence.


Our signature stone-ground chocolate is handcrafted in small batches using simple, health-forward ingredients like raw Peruvian cacao, cold-pressed cacao butter and whole coconut sugar. 

Low-temperature production methods are observed from start to finish to preserve the complexity of flavor, as well as the nutritional integrity, of our top-notch, fairly traded ingredients.

How it Began

While a healthy lifestyle isn't exactly a top priority for most teens, our co-founder Alex Malinsky was on a different path from an early age. It was his own battle with asthma that led him to make a profound connection: the way he felt was related to what he ate.

The seeds of Windy City Organics had been planted, and Alex began his journey as a health enthusiast, raw food chef, and entrepreneur, launching an e-commerce website offering the highest quality superfoods, raw food equipment, and educational resources to empower others. But it was 2003, and there was no such thing as "raw chocolate" (unless you wanted to nibble on some plain cacao nibs ...) so Alex set out to change that, for the benefit of all.

Like a match made in raw chocolate heaven, Alex's uncle Mike was looking for something meaningful to invest in after experiencing his own health challenge. He helped provide the infrastructure and resources that it took to establish our very own production facility — a real-life superfood chocolate factory! Teamwork makes the dream work and this uncle-nephew duo continue to lead all of the innovations and operations at WCO to this day.

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It’s a win-win.

By enjoying Rawmio you can nourish your body while helping preserve rainforest biodiversity and economic growth for our farming partners in Peru.

Our Story