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The Many Benefits of Raw Chocolate

Chocolate - one of life’s most decadent gifts! From chocolate Easter eggs to Christmas peppermint bark, chocolate is all around us and ever-tempting. But don’t fret! There is some chocolate you can enjoy guilt-free to your heart's content...keep reading

Chocoholic? How Switching to Raw Chocolate Will Improve Your Health

Creamy Superfood Sweet Potato Pie Shake

October is just a few short days away. Fall is here! Which means one thing for us autumn-lovers: pumpkin season is upon us. If like clockwork you start to crave all things pumpkin spice this time of year, we're right there with you...keep reading

A Creamy Superfood Sweet Potato Pie Shake to Ring in the Fall

Summer of Love Smoothie Bowl

It's the 4th of July, and while fireworks are beautiful and all, they've got nothing on the explosion of bright, fruity flavors contained in this smoothie bowl...keep reading

Flavor Fireworks Found Here: Summer of Love Raspberry Nectarine Smoothie Bowl