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Who We Are

At RAWMIO, we embody the ultimate fusion of antioxidant-rich superfood nutrition and complete dark chocolate decadence. We originally set out to create the world's best chocolate hazelnut spread that was raw, healthy, and certified organic. The product gained such a devoted following that we were able to establish our very own manufacturing facility. That was just the beginning. 

Rawmio now includes a full range of 7 different chocolate dessert spreads, 9 nutrient-rich chocolate barks, glaze-free chocolate-covered sprouted nuts and fruits, chocolate bars, chocolate hearts, and heavenly raw chocolate truffle cakes. These decadent-yet-healthful treats are handcrafted in small batches with simple, sustainably-sourced ingredients. Our low-temperature stone grinding process ensures that heat-sensitive nutrients such as antioxidant flavonols, as well as the mood-boosting compounds found in cacao, remain fully intact.

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Enjoy the Rawmio Bliss!