Hazelnut Crunch Spread

Hazelnut Crunch Spread
Hazelnut Crunch Spread

Hazelnut Crunch Spread

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Rawmio Hazelnut Crunch is an addictive blend of raw hazelnuts, creamy cacao butter, antioxidant-rich cacao nibs and low glycemic coconut sugar slowly stone-ground with a touch of real vanilla bean and Himalayan salt. We then fold in crushed hazelnuts & extra cacao nibs for that perfect ratio of creamy-to-crunchy in every spoonful.

Rawmio Hazelnut Crunch

• One truly decadent experience
• Sweetened with Balinese coconut sugar, which is unrefined and lower on the glycemic index than sugar
• High in natural minerals
• Antioxidant rich
• Made with organic ingredients
• Stone Ground
• Raw
• Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free
• No added salt
• No added oils
• Sealed in Glass jars
• 6-8 servings per jar

Lovely on:fruits, berries, crepes, ice cream, or right out of the jar.

Net Wt: 6 oz

Raw Hazelnuts*, Coconut Sugar*, Raw Peruvian Cacao Nibs*, Raw Vanilla Bean Powder*, Raw Cacao Butter*, Raw Himalayan Pink Salt

*Certified Organic

Hazelnut Crunch Spread
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